Learn how to go through complex projects

Ever wanted to create a promotional video for something you did? Credits or a cool intro? A trailer?

Dark Forest will help you with all of those! It's a full course that will get you from the inception and preproduction to the compositing and finished result. During the process you'll learn how to create a forest and making a cool camera animation through it.

But it's not limited to a forest: you'll be able to extract a lot of knowledge from this course that you'll be able to apply to any other project!


witness the creation of a Short Film

Creating a Short Film is not an easy task. I'm working with a team of people in the creation of Luke's Escape, and I want to share with you the experience we get from making it.

It includes video updates, tutorials, files...

Currently not available. If you've preordered it, there will be an update soon :)


A Written Guide to Creating 3D Characters

"Learning Blender" is the name of my first book. It's all about the whole process of creating a character, from the planning and design, to the final character composited into a real video. Modeling, unwrapping, texturing, shading, rigging, animation... you'll take a journey through all the phases involved in making a full project.

You don't need any previous knowledge about Blender or 3D, it starts from zero, showing you the interface and all the principles. It also includes more than 5 hours of videotutorials that will help you with some of the most tricky parts!


Creation Process of a Hologram

This tutorial takes you through the entire process of the creation of a hologram projector, and the hologram itself, including commented (English and Spanish) videos from every step: concept, modelling, materials, animation, rig, compositing, lighting... Watch the trailer!!

It's the first course I've ever sold: it's a few years old now and I think it's time to let go and give it to you for free :)