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In this page you can get information on how your data is used and stored by, how to manage it, and who to contact for any question or request about it.


Oliver Villar Diz – NIF:44484136C, Postal Address: Av. de Marín 27 - Apartado de Correos 1018, 32001 OURENSE (SPAIN) – Email: [email protected]

From now on, referred to as “”

ACTIVITIES OF BLENDTUTS.COM divides its activity in various segments for the efficient execution of its services:

  • this website is open to the public and only tracks anonymous data of navigation, visited pages, IP adresses, and behavior of website visitors, with the goal of understanding how the website is used, and apply that knowledge to improve the user experience.
  • this is the secondary website, and private area for clients, where their personal data is stored and an email and password are necessary to access their purchases. More details below.
  • Email List: you can sign up for the mailing list through any of the forms available in the website. When you get a product or service (paid or free of charge) at, you’re automatically signed up to this email list to ensure that you’ll receive future updates and notifications on the products or services acquired. You may also receive news, information, and offers related to the activity, products, and services carried by
  • Payment Systems: To perform payments on, several secure systems are used: PayPal and Stripe. can only access data of name, email, date, and payment amount, necessary to provide the service for which the user realizes the payment to The payment method (credit or debit card data, bank account, etc) are managed securely by PayPal and Stripe, and does not have access to such data. For more information about PayPal and Stripe privacy policies, continue reading in the “Receivers of your data” section.


In all cases, and without exception, user data is stored exclusively to offer the service that the user signs up for. Such services include:

  • Access to products and contents that the user has acquired, paid or free of charge.
  • Register of user activity in systems to improve the experience, keep track of user’s progress in the contents, and relationship with products and services of
  • Email communications about:
    • News and updates about products and services that the user has acquired
    • News, contents, or information related to the products and services that offers
    • Offers and promotions of products and services offered by


User data stored is that needed to provide the services requested by the user. Here you can find a list of the data that stores:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Payments made through the website
  • Amount and date of the payment
  • Invoicing data (in the case of being provided by the user)
  • Activity registered in student area (
  • Products and services requested
  • Activity registered in emails (email opening, clicks on links, geolocation)
  • Sign-up dates


Provided personal data will be stored while the relationship between the user and is ongoing and data supression is not requested by the user. Data will be stored according to the legal timings stablished for accounting needs, taking as a reference the last communication. The user can request to end the relationship with at any time, and user’s data will be completely deleted within the next 48 hours after the receipt of the request, or after the accounting and legal timings are expired if necessary.

In the case of requesting the elimination of user’s data and ending the relationship with, the user agrees to stop having access to any product or service offered by that the user acquired in the past.

DECISSIONS AND TRANSFERS OF YOUR DATA will never use your data for malicious ends (automated or manual) and not linked to the offering of the services that the user has requested. Under any circumstance, your data will be shared or sold to a third party without your consent, unless it’s strictly necessary for the ends mentioned above (with the exception of legal actions or requests from Authorities).


The treatment of your data is necessary for the execution of a merchant contract, in which you’re a part of when you start a relationship with to receive the offered services that you’re interested in. The communication of personal data is necessary to subcribe the mentioned contract, and not providing such data could result in the cancelling of the requested services.

RECEIVERS OF YOUR DATA is the controller of your data, but hires several data processing services to third party entities to guarrantee the correct offering of the services provided. This means that your data may be used through such entities in part or in the whole if the requested service requires it. Following, you can find a list of the entities that collaborates* with and their according privacy policies:

  • Squarespace (LINK) – Public website
  • Kajabi (LINK) – Private students and clients area with personal access
  • GetResponse (LINK) – Email lists
  • Zapier (LINK) – Automation and processing of data between different services
  • Discord (LINK) – Students community (the user must sign up separately in this app, and does not store any data)
  • Zoom (LINK) – Videoconferences (the user must sign up separately in this app, and does not store any data)
  • PayPal (LINK) – Payment system (the user must sign up separately for this service and Blendtuts does not store data, except for the reception, origin, amount and date of the payment)
  • Stripe (LINK) – Payment system (the user must sign up separately for this service and Blendtuts does not store data, except for the reception, origin, amount and date of the payment)
  • Google (LINK) – Storage, email and sending of certain files when necessary
  • Dropbox (LINK) – Storage and sending of certain files when necessary
  • Wetransfer (LINK) – Storage and sending of certain files when necessary

*It’s important to mention that many of these services are used within, but the user has to sign up and consent to their own terms separately and does not have access to the user data that those service store. For access or questions about such data, the user must contact those entities directly.

OBLIGATION OF USER NOTIFICATION IN THE CASE OF POSSIBLE VULNERABILITY OF THEIR PRIVACY takes user’s privacy very seriously. Unfortunately, no activity through the Internet can’t guarrantee a 100% security of such privacy in the case of attacks or technical issues, even though the necessary meassures are in place to prevent data to be compromised.

For that reason, and according to the current European law, is obligated to inform the users as soon as there is knowledge of the possibility of a compromise in the user data due to an attack, technical error, or any other reason. Such action is necessary for the user to execute the needed action on their side to ensure the protection of their personal data.


The user can execute the following rights over their personal data that stores:

  • Right to request access to their personal data
  • Right to request changes or elimination of their personal data
  • Right to request the limitation of the data stored
  • Right to oppose the treatment of the data
  • Right to port the stored data
  • Right to retire consent to their data storage and usage

Any person has the right to obtain a confirmation if is storing or using their data or not. Persons interested have the right to access their stored data, as well as requesting changes on incorrect data, or requesting the elimination of the data when the user considers that its storage is no longer needed.

In determined circunstances, the user can request the limitation of the treatment of their data, in which case, will only store what’s needed to its own defense if deemed necessary.

If the user has given their consent for a specific goal, the user has the right to retire the consent at any time, and this will not affect the legality of the data treatment during the period in which the consent was still valid.

To that end, you can send a written request expressing your will and including your email address to: Oliver Villar Diz – Av. de Marín 27 - Apartado de Correos 1018, 32001 OURENSE (SPAIN). Alternatively, you can perform the request writing an email to [email protected].

In the case that you feel your rights have not been protected correctly, and especialy when you haven’t satisfied the proper exercise of your rights, you can present a demand to the Data Protection Spanish Agency ( operates from Spain) from their website:

According the article 21 in the Law 34/2002 of services of the society of information and electronic commerce, if you don’t want to receive more information about our services, you can unsubscribe by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Don’t send emails”.

Also, at the bottom of any email from you will find the option for unsubscribing or configuring your subscription options and that way stop receiving such communications. Keep in mind that it’s possible that depending on the services you have requested from, it may be possible that unsubscribing from an email list does not ensure the receipt of other types of communications. For example, if you currently receive services or own products, unsubscribing from a promotional email does not guarrantee that you will not receive notifications about specific services that you requested in the past (ie: updates in a product you acquired). To guarrantee the termination of every communication, please, send a request to the person in charge following the instructions mentioned above.


Next, you can find a series of actions that you can perform to manage your data at

  • At, visiting the Settings section of your account, you can manage your data and subscription preferences. This option is only valid when you have previously created an account or acquired a product or service from These subscription options affect students and clients area only.
  • In any email communication from mailing list. At the bottom of every email, you’ll find a link to unsubscribe or modify your subscription preferences.
  • Contacting the person in charge following the instructions previously mentioned and requesting information about any concern, a copy of your data, or the elimination of all of your data. If you want to eliminate all the data that may have stored about you, and ensure no further communications or relationship, this is the more efficient method.

ORIGIN OF THE DATA does not use or store data from users who have explicitly expressed their consent.

If you receive communications from, it’s for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You have provided your data to gain access to a specific content from (paid or free of charge)
  • You have provided your data when you made the purchase of a product or service offered by
  • You have provided your data to receive information, news, or offers related to the activity of
  • You have personally requested the receipt of certain contents or information from

You may have provided this information in the following ways:

  • Through a form at
  • Through a form at
  • Through a personal request by any means (by phone, in person, by email) to the person in charge at
  • Through a form when purchasing a product or service from

Once again, for any doubt, concern or request related with the storage and treatment of your data, you can contact the person in charge writing to the following email address: [email protected] reserves the right of modifying the contents and terms of this Privacy Policy if deemed necessary, or in the case that the products and services offered, or data processing methods change and an update is needed.

Last update: May 25th,2018