• Learning Blender - Book Preview

    "Learning Blender" is the name of my first book, which has been released recently. I was getting a lot of emails asking for details about the book, so I decided to record this video showing it to you: it's always better to see for yourself. You'll learn more about the book, what's in each chapter, see the tutorials result, and much more! Make sure to check it out!

  • Destiny - Hope for the future

    Hi, everyone! Based on the videoclip "Destiny - Hope for the future" (a remix from Paul Mcartney's song) by Jillian Aversa and Zircon, I decided to make this illustration. The total time was roughly 4 hours and it was made in Manga Studio. I hope you like it!

    I also share with you some news of what's going on here, as I've been missing for a long time! :D


  • Dark Forest Tutorial Series

    Ever wanted to create a promotional video for something you did? Credits or a cool intro for a video? A trailer? Dark Forest will help you with all of those! It's a full course that will get you from the first idea and preproduction to the compositing and finished result. During the process you'll learn how to create a forest and making a cool camera animation through it. But it's not limited to a forest: with this course you'll be able to extract a lot of knowledge that you'll be able to apply to any project! Check it out and enjoy!

  • Luke's Escape Highschool

    Creating a Short Film is not an easy task. I'm working with a team of people in the creation of Luke's Escape, and with this product, we want to share with you the experience we get from making it. You'll get video updates on the progress, tutorials, making of documentary, production book...

    Preorder now, and support Luke's Escape and Blendtuts! Thanks!:D


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  • Dark Forest Tutorial Series

    Learn how to create amazing promotional videos! Dark Forest will take you through the whole creation process of a trailer-like video with a camera flying around in a forest and displaying several titles fitting a soundtrack. Check it out!