Hello! I'm Oliver Villar, author of "Learning Blender" and founder of www.blendtuts.com (visit www.blendtuts.es if you speak Spanish too). First of all, I'd like to thank you for choosing my book: I really hope you're enjoying it and that it's useful for you :)

In this website you'll find download links for the bonus files that expand the book and make it easier to learn: 3D is complex and having a visual aid helps a lot when learning. You'll also find the project files so you can see how it was made or start the process where you want.

Oliver Villar


00 - Download Blender

First thing you need to do is, of course, download Blender. Remember that it's free,  you can redistribute it without a problem and you can use it for commercial purposes. Even though it's free, you might want to consider donating money to help it's development so it keeps getting better or subscribe to the Blender Cloud to get exclusive contents and provide some money to the Blender Foundation in exchange.

01 - Videtutorials

Download a series of tutorials that show visually some of the parts that may be trickier to understand in printed format. Over 5 hours of tutorials including the interface Overview , modeling basics, your first render an intro to rigging, compositing...

02 - Blender Files

Get the .blend files that include the results from the book progressively so you can see the process, start where you want, or just take a look to see how things were done and how they look like.

03 - Resources

This folder includes the files used for the book's project: textures, reference images, background footage...

04 - Extras

You'll find some extra content here, like a keyboard shortcuts reference that you can print, and a painting time-lapse of an illustration with Jim's design.

05 - Results

Take a look at the results in video from the book's project: Jim (the 3d character) walking on a real background video :)


Visit the rest of this website to watch more tutorials and keep learning!