Valentine's Chocolates

Hello, everybody!

This time I have a special tutorial for you. Valentines Day is coming, and this will help you surprising your loved one creating your own image for a card: I'm using a heart shaped chocolate... but you can make any other shape that means something for you or somebody else :)

If you want to support, you can watch this tutorial series at SkillShare if you're a user of the service.

Scroll to the bottom to watch a faster version of this tutorial if you're a more experienced user

Here's the final result you can get from this series! Click to enlarge.

In the first part we'll cover the modeling of the chocolate, in the second part we'll see how to duplicate it a lot of times and make a physics simulation to end up with a pile of chocolates, and finally, in the third part, you'll see how to add materials to make the chocolate look like chocolate, add lights and launch the final render.


This is a faster version of the tutorial, not stopping for explanations about the basics, like the previous videos; especially tailored for users who feel already comfortable with Blender basics and tools.

I hope you like it! (And the one you send it as a gift to! ;P)

Happy Blending!