Texture Painting in Blender

Hello!! I'm back! :D

As some of you may know, recently my life has changed quite drastically: new job, new city, new projects... also, las weeks from my old life were VERY busy, that's why this last time I've been a little out, and relaxing a bit. BUT!! Here I come again with another tutorial! This time it's all about painting textures into Blender. Blender can do a lot of things apart of modeling and animation. Texturing is one of those things. This feature can have a lot of different uses: Painting textures (yes, you can :D), correcting seams in already painted textures, placing details and using that as a reference for future texture painting in other softwares... or even (this is more advanced, and we won't see it at this particular tutorial) paint masks in real time to let a texture appear behind another one :)

In this tutorial you'll learn how to setup your scene in order to paint textures, use the painting tools, as brushes and cloning... don't miss it! You can create very interesting things using this Blender's feature! :D

See you soon, and Happy Blending!! Glad to be back with you :D

PS: Here are the links from Carles Tenorio, a friend of mine, who created the idea and the base model for the character I used on this tutorial: PORTFOLIO and BLOG (only spanish). Thanks, Carles ;)