Drunken Sailor - Painting Timelapse

Hi, people! :D Lately I've been painting quite a lot, and testing a lot of softwares to find the one that better suits my needs while painting... finally I found Manga Studio 5 to be "the one". I like it a lot, it feels very comfortable for me, brushes work as I expect, and it adds a lot of tools and features that make it easier for some specific tasks. I've painted a few of them to try it out a little in depth, and finally I made and recorded this one: 

By the way, if you like the versions of the popular song I used in the video, you can watch the artists names at the end credits of the video. Drunken Sailor came from a "challenge" with a few mates, painting what the song of the same name inspired us. I made a drawing, but then, after the challenge, I was painting for a couple of weeks in my free time: I wanted to take this one a little further.

Overall, I wanted to try something new, this time with lineart over the color, and I also was experimenting things, like the water (making it look like an ocean was quite tricky), the "caustics" in the bottle... it was also a challenge to achieve the dawn effect, with a part of the painting still during night while in the other one we could see the sun lighting the sky... I was "worried" about if the sky would be confused with a sunset instead of a dawn, but personally, I think it's recognizable :) I'm pretty happy with the final result. I want to paint more!! (Don't worry, tutorials will also come, is just that they take more preparation and planning than a painting... apart from finding the right time to record with no distractions around :D).

I hope you like it!