Cycles Introduction

Hi!! Here is the first tutorial after a quite long time! This is the promissed Cycles Introduction tutorial, which has been specially difficult to record xD First... I recorded it last month, and before finishing it (as it took too time to me) I realized that somethings in the interface had changed... so I decided to record it again. I was on it last week, but since the implementation of the support for multiple GPUs... by default it took my 2 cores, and my computer turned off spontaneously!! Seems that I had some power source problems, and it can't handle my 2 graphics card cores working at maximum xD I realized it this week, and found that choosing to use only a single core solved the problem :D So... here you have it, finally!

I hope it's usefull for you. In this one we've covered Cycles setup, materials, lighting, node materials, depth of field... now I just want to say that I haven't been sleeping all this time... and I have some interesting projects going on... you'll know about them very soon! :D One of them... I can tell you... is something pretty interesting, and it will probably include camera tracking :D I just need to work a little to polish some details before going on with it. This one will be for free, and will be probably 3 parts: Modelling and texturing, Camera Tracking, and Compositing. Stay tuned!

Happy blending, and... it's nice to be back! :D