BSurfaces Review

Some time ago, I promissed this review to this great addon's creator (Eclectiel) and also to all of you :) Finally, after some busy time, here it is!!

As I say on the video, this addon is fantastic for modeling fast shapes, and it's very useful, as it's integrated on the usual workflow... but the thing that I like it the most for... is for making retopo! Even you will need to set up a shrinkwrap modifier (which takes about 2 to 5 seconds xD), it's incredibly useful for this kind of work!! It's features goes from creating polygon surfaces from grease pencil strokes, to make lofts using bezier curves... and what I like the most... an awesome way for extruding edges around :D

If you like it, you can check the "official" video, and buy it / donate / get information from

Also, Roberto Roch's blog (who made the model that I used for showing you retopo), is here:

See you on the next tutorials... and don't get used to this fast updates!! hahah ;)

Thanks for watching!