New blendtuts website!!

Hello, everyone!!

I'm here to present to you the new version (this would be 3.0!) of blendtuts. I haven't a lot to say here, really, just wanted to write something to commemorate this day ;P

Instead of me saying, I guess you can just start navigating and see for yourself :) There are some new things, like the Blendtuts Podcast that weren't there before, and from now on I'll keep adding new content. Also, I recommend you to check out LEHS, because it's going through an overhaul as we speak :)

You can also subscribe to my newsletter to get an email when something new is coming. You can do that at the bottom of the Home page :D

It's not 100% definitive, I'll be tweaking things for a while, but just wanted to start 2016 with a new face in which I can keep publishing more and better than ever stuff.

Also... SPANISH version ( of the website is coming. For now, you can already subscribe to get a notification once it's launched :D

Last, but not least... you may have noticed that as a celebration, I'm giving the Hologram Project for FREE now! :D

I hope you enjoy it!

Oliver Villar