Grease Pencil Awesomeness

Is it possible to create cool 2D animation with Blender? Looks like so!

Grease Pencil, as you may know, is a tool that allows for annotations in the scene, and it's even possible to change those strokes along the timeline to try a basic animation poses to then serve as a reference for the 3D animation. It may even be used by the director to add notes and instructions over the animation.

Thing is... recently Grease Pencil received some love from developers, and it's possible to edit strokes after being drawn, even using options like proportional editing. This caused a new movement to come up: making 2D animation in a 3D world using Grease Pencil.

Daniel Martínez Lara, awarded director/animator for Alike's short film, is in the head of this project that looks forward to make Grease Pencil even more awesome. Check out the following animations... would you say they've been done in Blender? Neat stuff!

Drawing in 3D might be the future. It definitely adds a whole new world of possibilities, like the chance to include the characters and 2D drawings in a 3D world, and then move the camera, making things like parallax effect faking outdated and complex.

But is it production ready yet? Daniel shares his opinion in this video:

It might not be ready yet to make the next Studio Ghibli's animated film... but judging by the videos above, it's possible to do some really cool looking stuff with it already!