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Hi, everyone!

Recently, I had the honor to talk at Blendiberia 2015, the biggest event about Blender in Spain (and next year I'll organize it, stay tuned about this one!). It was celebrated in Valencia this year, and there I could meet Luis Roig, from (a platform for easily and quickly creating your own online portfolio), which was one of the sponsors for this year's Blendiberia.

A few weeks ago, he interviewed me, and here you have the results. Enjoy!

3D is a complex world, and very technical at the beginning. I’ve seen a lot of people giving up in early stages out of frustation, after not being capable of making a Lord of the Rings Orc or a Matrix visual effect on the first day. My advise would be to see it as an enjoyable, long-term journey, as it won’t happen overnight.

One of the biggest common mistakes is comparing your early work with the last blockbuster movie you’ve seen. Those projects were made by hundreds of experienced professionals with a lot of resources at hand.

Don’t give up and enjoy the learning process.. results will show eventually, and it will be worth the effort.
— Oliver Villar