Blenrig - Rig your characters automatically!

Blenrig has been around for years, and not long ago, the 5th version has been launched. It's an addon, similar to "Rigify" (which comes bundled with Blender), but way more advanced and full of great features. It's a great option to rig your characters if you don't know a great deal about rigging (and even if you do, it's a really great rig!).

But how does it work?

But what does Blenrig do? Here's what it does:

  1. First, it creates a basic skeleton that you must adapt to your character so it knows its proportions and such.
  2. Then, it generates a full-featured rig that fits those defined dimensions.
  3. From there, you can adapt it further to your character, add corrective shapes, and much more
  4. Done! Character ready to animate :D

As you can see, it's been used in high quality productions, including Cosmos Laundromat (the last Open Movie from the Blender Foundation itself).

You can also find them on YouTube, but hey, subscribing to the Blender Cloud helps the Blender Foundation, so consider it :D

Lots of people have trouble with character rigging because it's difficult, time consuming and very technical. Rigify and Blenrig provide ways of automatically and quickly rig characters, just by setting up a few things :)

The addon is free, and Open Source, with a GPL license. You can get it from GitHub in the link above.

Enjoy! :D