Editing Videos with Blender

Hello, world!This is a tutorial that I prepared some time ago, but because of several reasons others came before :P A lot of you have been asking for how to use the Blender built-in video editor, so here is the answer. We'll learn the basics so you can use it after you watch this video. I must say, though, that I use to edit videos with other softwares, but for basic things (and for converting videos to image sequences and the other way around)I use it quite often so I don't have to jump a lot between different softwares. This is why I think it's interesting to know, at least, what it has to offer, because maybe it suits your needs :) Let's check it out!

Watch this video on YouTube

Things you'll learn in this video: 
- Setting up Blender for video editing
- Adding videos and image/image sequences
- Creating transitions
- Trimming, soft and hard cuts
- Adding effects (Color Correction)
- Transforms (zooms)

- Working with Adjustment Layers
- Animating stuff
- Adding a watermark to your video
- Fade ins and outs



thanx a lot

You're welcome! :D

How can we add subtitles to the video?

I would need to look into that. I don't know if there is a way of doing it from the editor, the only way I can think of is creating them in the 3D scene and render them in the editor on the layer on top :P

Hi! I'm watching this tutorial and I have big problem: when I add transition, I've got only black screen instead of trasition. I tried to do it in different ways even in different files, with movies and with image sequences. Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong?