"Surprise Box" - Modeling Timelapse

Hi there!!

I've been pretty busy, and I couldn't record the second part of the Spider Web tutorial yet, because of some difficulties caused for a little bug (Maybe not a bug... because it doesn't happen always... but I don't know why, mesh deform doesn't work sometimes on the web, I'm investigating it, because other times it work perfectly doing exactly the same! :S). So I thought that should be cool publishing this little timelapse of a project I did two weeks ago :)

It's just the modelling and UV's part, because it was rendered on Thea Render, and I didn't record that part cause it's just adding materials, textures and final render :D I know I know... I could just render this on blender, cause it isn't a very complicated render... but I have a Thea Render license for some works, and from time to time, I just like to render something with it :)

And yes! A part is missing xD I forgot to model the nose and hut's star while recording... and I forgot to record it later while modelling, I'm a disaster, huh? xD

I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll try to bring the second part of the spider web creation tutorial very soon! :D See you, guys!!