Skin Modifier

Hi, everyone!!! After several months in silence (working on other projects and busy with work), here I am with a new tutorial. This time is about the new Skin Modifier. It has been around for some time, but now it's finally coming officially in the next 2.64 version, scheduled for this month (September 2012). Sometimes we want to sculpt something, but we need a base mesh to sculpt over... this is when the skin modifier comes nicely! It helps us to easily create our basemesh for late sculpting:

So it allows us to create a base mesh made of four sided polygons, and also gives us easy and fast control of that mesh. It can even generate an armature for that model based on our structure, letting us try poses with it! If you've used ZBrush, then ZSpheres may sound familiar to you. Skin modifier is something similar to that ZSpheres in ZBrush.