Modeling nuts and bolts

Hi again, people! Last week I was showing some renders and screenshots of me working on the method for modeling nuts and bolts, now it's time to finally go nuts and here it is the tutorial. In the first part, we're going through the modeling process of a nut. There may be better ways of modeling them, or joining the screw with the body, this is just the easier I found to explain and to show you some tips, tricks, and modeling techniques using other objects as references and measurements. In the second part, we'll use parts of the nut to model the bolt, put everything together and create a nice looking render.

I have Bolt Factory, why should I bother modeling them by hand?

There's an add-on for generating very quickly nuts & bolts, but they're not suitable for every situation. If you want to quickly add a low of nuts and bolts to your scene, go ahead. However, be aware of the limitations: they tend to be really highpoly, and also not good for closeups, as the geometry is not optimized for subdivision.

Learning how to model them by yourself has a lot of benefits: you'll learn a lot of modeling tricks, and you'll be able to create cool nuts and bolts that haven't too many polygons and work great in close-up shots!

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the process!