"27 Years" - Nelson Mandela Painting Timelapse

Almost nobody knows this, but Nelson Mandela was a man that I admired profoundly. Not only he was one of the more remarkable defenders of human rights in history, but because of his inner strength. A few months ago, when he was ill, I put in my tasks list a painting about him. A few days ago, he left us, and I decided I could not keep delaying that task: I was going to make a portrait of him. I called it "27 Years", and why? Because it's probably one of the facts in his life that caught my attention the most: he was imprisoned for 27 years, and when he was liberated... he had forgiven his enemies! I bet almost nobody else would be able to do such an inner strength demonstration, and I've been thinking about this a lot, trying to reach that point when you can forgive people who have damaged you deeply. Rest in peace, Madiba :)

The painting was done in Krita for Windows, make sure to check it out on www.krita.org. Real time of the painting was roughly 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Thanks for watching!