Green Eyes - Painting Timelapse

What up? Today I wanted to share with you this speedpainting timelapse I did this weekend using a cheetah (maybe it's a leopard :P marks on the face are different, as someone told me!) as my reference (an animal that I really love!!). I got my hands over Corel Painter 12 for this one.

Some of you already told me that I could have done it using Open Source Software, and I agree with that (I won't stop using myPaint, for sure!!), but I just have my reasons to give a chance to this great piece of software :) Another day I can discuss these reasons hehe, for now, just enjoy! And remember, software doesn't makes the painting, but the artist!! (anyway, software really helps on the process hahaha Just kidding: Software doesn't matter... once you get the technique :)

And this is everything for now, guys, hope you liked it!