How to use Freestyle NPR Rendering

How are you? In the latest Blender official version, 2.67, Freestyle NPR Rendering made it into Blender official builds (it was only available in test and experimental builds for a long time before). It works with Blender Internal Render and it allows us to create lines in the place of edges, contours, silouethes, etc.

This helps a lot creating 2D artistic renderings imitating drawings, cartoon effects, cell-shading... even create an image that looks like a blueprint from a 3D model. This last one is what we're gonna do in this tutorial :)

As you can see, Freestyle has to go through mainly 4 steps to be used:

  1. Activate Freestyle Render (Thanks, Captain Obvious :D)
  2. Create one or more Linesets.
  3. Pick each one of the linesets and select which edges they're going to detect and show.
  4. Setup the lines appearance: color, thickness, noise, distortion, effects...

I hope you like it! :D