"Hope for the future" - Painting Timelapse

Hi, everyone! Based on the videoclip "Destiny - Hope for the future" (a remix from Paul Mcartney's song) by Jillian Aversa and Zircon, I decided to make this illustration. The total time was roughly 4 hours and it was made in Manga Studio. I hope you like it!

This has been my first video in a long time. Here are some cool news:

  • My book "Learning Blender" was released last month (had a lot of work waiting for me and still couldn't post about it properly, will do very soon... and will record a video showing it to you :D). You can get if from HERE!
  • I'm back with my hands on Luke's Escape, and things are progressing again!
  • As Luke's Escape is coming along again... Luke's Escape Highschool is getting some love from me again! New video updates are being sent from time to time to subscribers!
  • I've been investigating a lot about PBR materials (and software such as Quixel and Substance Designer & Painter), and how to get them to work in Cycles. Luke's Escape Highschool subscribers will be the first ones to get tutorials I'll be creating on this subject, so make sure to purchase it to support the project!
  • Last weekend I was at Blendiberia (Málaga, Spain) giving a talk about Baking Maps in Blender. The talk is online (there was an issue with the broadcasting at the beginning, so the first minutes are missing), in spanish: watch it HERE!
  • I will be hosting a workshop at a very cool event in Zagreb (Croatia) next May! Check the event's website HERE!
  • I'm working on new tutorials (Finally! YAY!), so stay tuned!
Click on the image to go to the official book's store!

Click on the image to go to the official book's store!

Cheers! Hope you've been alright all this time I was disappeared!