Cinematic Timelapse

Hi! The last week, has registered a very high number of visits :) and I wanted to "celebrate" it by making a video with an idea that was in my head since a few months ago.

I love to see timelapses, but in 3d... I thought that recording a timelapse with smooth and "normal" camera movements should be possible, instead of seeing that lightspeed orbiting and panning around camera, that sometimes can result "a bit" crazy! So from time to time I tried out things, and I was thinking about how to achieve that result, and a couple of weeks ago, I saw the light and discovered a way of doing it! :) I like to call this "Cinematic Timelapse", because you can "film" the process with the desired camera movements. I know that I won't use this method on all my timelapses, because it's pretty time consuming... but I wanted at least to try it out with a simple project! The project, the model and all that stuff weren't very important for me, only the "timelapsing" method was... even the "textures" are not textures at all! xD It's just a very quick overpaint of a basic lighting render. Hope you like it! And if you do... here's the tutorial on how to make it:

Enjoy and let me know of videos you create using this technique! :D