Basic Sculpting in Blender

Hi again! It's time for sculpting!! Blender has a quite nice sculpting system, very easy to use, and very powerful. On this tutorial, we'll take a tour over the basic tools, and how to use the Sculpt Mode. Then, at the end of the video, I've put a quick timelapse, showing the main workflow for sculpting in blender a simple character's face. In future tutorials we'll make some retopo work with it :D

Maybe, if you're are used to Zbrush or Mudbox, you will nottice that you cannot work with so many polygons... but it works pretty good, and you can achieve awesome results with it. Also, having this sculpting tools integrated in Blender, allows us to use sculpting tools for defining shapes on organic models in a very fast way :) In a few days I'll upload the subtitles, because I'm at home on hollidays, and I have a very slow internet connection. PLUS! I'll open the new Blendtuts web, completely redesigned!! Cool! :D Stay tuned ;) See you!!