Animation Basics

A long time ago, I promissed this tutorial that a lot of people was expecting. Finally it's here! The basics about animation in Blender. We'll talk about inserting keyframes, and how to control them with the Dopesheet. Also, how to set the interpolations accurately by using the Graph editors to control the animation curves! At the end of the tutorial, we animate a bouncing ball, to see a practical exercise applying the techniques learnt on the tutorial itself. Enjoy!

So, that's it! We've learnt the very basics. You can now play with these tools and make nice animations! In future tutorials we'll see how to use actions, and the NLA editor. I have some plans for doing that, hopefully in a not so far future :D

For now, I'll say that on next tutorials we'll probably start to see some basic things about rigging and doing stuff with bones. So stay tuned! ;)