Anamorphic Images

How are you? I hope you're doing well because in this video I'll show you something a little different and refreshing :D Anamorphicimages! Probably you don't know what they are by that name, but for sure you've seen some of them before. They're used overall in cool street-art: they're images that look really cool and have the same perspective as the real world... but only if you see them from the right point of view. After the video I added a couple of links so you can see some examples of this interesting optical illusion. 

Anamorphic images examples: Example 1 - Example 2

Resources for the tutorial: Original photo - Distorted image

This tutorial is made for beginners with no experience with Blender. Basically, what we'll do is to project the original photo from a rotated camera into a surface, creating the image that we need to compensate the perspective depth. I hope you liked it! See you!