Tileable Textures in Blender

Hello, everyone!! Here it is the next tutorial. On it we'll talk about tileable textures, very useful to cover big surfaces by repeating a small texture. There are different methods to use tileable textures in Blender, here we'll see some of them, but I'm sure there are probably more options to achieve the same effect.

Watch this tutorial on YouTube!

Textures used in this tutorial by courtesy of Jimmy Livefjord, a friend of mine who runs www.handpaintedtextures.com. In his website you'll find a lot of textures and lowpoly 3D assets for your projects.

Also, I have a lot of news for blendtuts, I'll publish them in the blog in the following days :) One of the things some of you may find in this tutorial is that there's only the english version of it, I'll talk about that. Also, next weekend I'll be in Barcelona at Blendiberia, where a lot of Blender artists will be... see you there!!!




I can't wait for the next tillable texture video! Good work! Unique tutorial!

Glad you liked it!! :D

Any idea when you will publish the next chapter of this tutorial?

Hi, thescolar. As soon as I can! (But I have a couple more before :P)