The Magic Mineral

Hello! In this weekly tutorial we try to create a little "fantasy scene", with some kind of magic mineral. We'll cover the whole process, from modeling, creating some advanced materials using Cycles, and get into the compositor to build the final shot and clean up some noise. Enjoy! 

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Hope you like it! I published an announcement a few days ago: from now on... weekly tutorials! So stay tuned, and subscribe in some of the social networks at the bottom of the website so you don't miss a thing! :D





Hi, I am new to blender, thanks for you to make this tutorial, is very cool. I follow this tutorial and make a mineral but I stuck at the Bilateral Blur. I use gpu render and connect the normal pass to Determinator but is no any effect. The image is still blur. When I use cpu render the normal pass is worked. But use cpu to render out the result is not what I want, is weird and slow. Is there something setting about gpu render that I havn't set ? I use the official version 2.66a and gtx 560 ti video card. Thanks for this tutorial again and sorry for my pool english.

Hi, sunnetnews, actually the CPU or GPU shouldn't affect the way a render behaves... is it probably that somehow you have very low samples so the normal isn't really defined causing a bad blur? Otherwise... it may be a bug :P

Thanks, oliver. After that problem, I read the blender doc on wiki about gpu rendering, it say cuda supported for gpu rendering start from gtx 4xx, and the old version video card with Shader Model 1.x while missing some features like passes. When I make the sample at school the passes didn't work because the video card version is gtx 275, but when I make the sample at home it work find. It weird if I can use the gpu to rendering but also lose some features. Thanks again for this cool tutorial.

Wow, thanks for the information, didn't know that stuff! Glad you found a solution! :D

I need major help. I cant even get past making it collapse and making that line so it can collapse and i don't know what to do from there. I've only had blender for a couple of days so can you please help me.