What is Luke's Escape?

Luke's Escape is an animated short film done with Blender. I've been working on it with a team of people from all over the world. I'm the Co-Director and I created Luke's Escape High School as a way of sharing the knowledge we get from making the film with you. Up to this point, the progress has been slow - I've been working on upgrading the website to be able to make it better, and in the process I've come up with new additions to LEHS... and it shortly will become an even better and brighter and bigger and awesomer (What?) new whole thing; and it will be dubbed Luke's Escape High School 2.0!

This image is the work in progress of the new Luke's room, one of the scenes of the short film, and you can learn the tricks we used to make it with LEHS!

This image is the work in progress of the new Luke's room, one of the scenes of the short film, and you can learn the tricks we used to make it with LEHS!


NOTE: This course is not on sale at the moment

This product is not sale at the moment due to updates in the platform, and only the original customers will get access to the goodies :) However, it may be up for sale again in the future, ¡so stay tuned!

What you'll get

- As soon as you get it you'll get access to the content that has been delivered up to this point:

  • Video updates
  • Tutorials (hours of exclusive tutorials already available)
  • Insider Tutorials (some tutorials that were done for team members, so they know how to work - they may be useful for you too!)
  • Blender in 2 Hours: a crash course for beginners to get up to speed with Blender!
  • Course about using Quixel+Cycles (will be updated using Quixel 2.0 soon)
  • A Texture Library (that will be updated): a collection of hundreds of photos that we're using on the film
  • LEHS Podcast: from time to time, I record short podcasts talking about things we're working on, curiosities, and news about the short film

In the next video you can see a sample of what you'll get:


- Some of the things that will come next:

  • Mode Podcast episodes
  • More video updates
  • New tutorials
  • Surprises! (and I can't say what they are because I haven't come up with them myself, but I want this to be amazing, and will do everything in my hand to make it worth your money :D)

- Things that you'll get when the project is finished (we're doing it in our free time, so progress is slow and while we want to finish it as soon as possible, there isn't a fixed deadline yet - making a short film without being payed takes a looong time and a big effort):

  • Production Book: I'll be writing a book about all the experience of creating a short film.
  • Making Of Documentary: we'll summarize all the video updates and add interviews to the team members to create a video documentary of how Luke's Escape was made.
  • .blend Files: We want Luke's Escape to be an Open Source film. We lack the infrastructure to share what we do all the time and update it, but once the project is finished, we'll share all the files used in the film so you can interact and see how everything works.

This video is already outdated, and will be updated soon when Luke's Escape High School 2.0 is launched (and price increased!).

Just trust me, you'll get a LOT of stuff from LEHS. And the longer it takes, the more material you'll get!
You can take it as a subscription that you only pay once :)