How to rig a leg

Hi, people! This time I come with a continuation of the tutorial about Rigging an eye. Basically, we'll keep learning the basics about rigging in Blender, going in this installment for a leg and a foot. We'll check the difference between forward and inverse kinematics (FK vs IK), how to set them up, and how to create a cool and basic rig to be able to control the legs and feet of our 3D characters. After all this mess, we'll skin it to make the skeleton deform the leg's model. Let's go for it!

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Great !! like always ^^

Thank you, MutantCat :)

Umm... I load this webpage on Chrome, and the video doesn't show... I'll just watch it on Youtube.

Hmmm shouldn't happen :P The video is from Vimeo, I hope you can watch it in YouTube! :D

great job i like it
dear instructor, Can you make an animation tutorial. I want to learn how to make a proper animation and also tricks maybe :) Thank you for your efforts, I am waiting your new tutorials ... more power to your elbow :D
Hey Can you make a tuttotial making a cyberface in blender2,69