Hi, everyone! A lot of you already have it, preordered it or know about it, but I kept getting a lot of questions about the book. Because of that, I decided to record a video of me talking about the book and showing it to you, so instead of me explaining what's all about, you can see it for yourself:


The teaching philosophy I used when writing the book was the following one: first explain the tools and how to use them, then explain how to use those tools in a practical exercise (which along this book, will almost always be some part of the character creation process). The most clear example of this teaching philosophy may be Chapters 6 & 7: Chapter 6 shows how to work in Edit Mode, what each tool does and how to use it; Chapter 7 shows a step by step explanation on how to use and combine the tools you learned in Chapter 6 to model the character.

You’ll find chapters on every aspect of the character creation: design, modeling, unwrapping, texturing, shading, rigging, and animation. Once your character is ready and animated, you’ll learn how to integrate it into a real video using camera tracking techniques, lighting, and compositing. Each skillset is taught hands on, and available online videotutorials will guide you through Blender’s trickier tasks.

By the time you’re done, you’ll understand how the whole process fits together, and how to use Blender to create outstanding characters for all media. You’ll also build strong Blender skills you can apply in any 3D project, whether it involves characters or not.



  • 352 pages.
  • It's a project based book, not isolated tutorials.
  • It shows the whole process of creating a character from scratch.
  • It starts from zero, talking about the Blender basics, so no previous knowledge about Blender or 3D is required.
  • It includes more than 5 hours of videotutorials and bonus material (upon online registration and download).
  • Available in printed version and ebook version (.pdf, .epub and .mobi formats).


  • Master Blender’s innovative user interface, navigation, and selection techniques
  • Create your first scene with Blender and get comfortable with its core tools
  • Prepare for projects so they’ll go as smoothly as possible
  • Use modeling tools to create a 3D character
  • Bring your character to life with color, textures, and materials
  • Create your character’s skeleton and make it walk
  • Use Camera Tracking tools
  • Add lights to your 3D scene
  • Render your scene with Blender Internal or Cycles render engines
  • Composite your 3D character into a real video
  • Switch to Blender from 3ds Max, Maya, or XSI

Learning Blender is a great introduction for anyone wanting to learn how to create and edit in 3D using Blender, the free open-source application. Learning to work in 3D can be tough, and Oliver uses characters to teach many different techniques, including modeling, lighting, shading, rigging, and animation. The book is filled with great tips and tricks, and can help anyone learn how to work in 3D.
— Mike Kaltschnee, Danbury Hackerspace Inc.
Learning Blender: A Hands-On Guide to Creating 3D Animated Characters by Oliver Villar is definitely a valuable addition to your library of golden resources! It doesn’t simply show you the hows and whats, but the whys. The emphasis on fundamentals is something this book is very strong at. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about the modernized Blender and character creation in general. Simple, intuitive, and very refreshing!
— Reynante M. Martinez
Oliver Villar has captured the excitement of Blender as a 3D modeling, animation, and motion graphics tool in one straightforward, easy-to-follow textbook. The Blender software is growing in popularity and now more than ever is considered one of the must-have tools in the tool shed for 3D.
— Dr. Tim J. Harrington, Solution Manager, Academic IT