Luke's Escape Highschool

With this product, we'll try to show you how Luke's Escape is done so you can learn from our experience in the process! Basically, a full learning experience of how a 3D Animation Film gets done. First... let's watch the promo video:

Watch this video on YouTube


Luke's Escape is a Short Film made with Blender by a group of people from all over the world (me included), collaborating through the internet. A teaser trailer was released a couple of months ago (Watch it here), and now it's in a preproduction stage of the final short film. If you want more information, you can check the official film's website:

- Making of Documentary: A full video documentary of how the Short Film was made, including interviews, progress videos and lots of interesting stuff.

- Production Book: A .pdf book about the production, kind of like the Making Of Documentary, but in a readable format, with images, and more in depth explanations. Also, you can print it and be cool :D

- Tutorial Series: A series of tutorials based on the Luke's Escape Short Film. Organization, Library linking, rig, animation, props creation, compositing, effects used in the film... everything about the Film that we think is worth making a tutorial about. Even the official announcement claims “More than 6 hours of tutorials”, I expect them to be even more hours! Thing is that specific tutorials will be decided during the production process, so for now it's still not possible to know exactly how many will be. Anyway, you can trust that I'll try to make a lot of tutorials.

- .blend Files: It will include .blend files from production needed to follow the tutorials properly, and to explore the scenes yourself and see how they were created with your own eyes.

If you get Luke's Escape Highschool during PREORDER, you'll take this exclusive perks:

- Exclusive Video Updates: From time to time, we'll create videos for you talking about what we're doing, what's next, showing you stuff from the production process, or even explaining how we handle some issues we may find during the way.

- Production Book Credit: That's right, your name will appear in the Production's Book credits (indiegogo supporters will have a special place in the credits!). When the time arrives, I'll contact you to ask for the name you want to appear in the book.


After the purchase, you'll be added to a mailing list, and I'll give you periodic updates about how it is going, sending the update videos... Once the product is ready, you'll get an email with the download links. It will be several .rar files: each one will include a chapter of the product.

VIDEO FORMAT: 1280x720 - .mp4 (English Audio).

All the contents of this product will be only available as downloadable items (at least for now).

Short Answer: When it's ready xD
Long Answer: The Short Film's production is expected to last until mid-2014, maybe a little more depending on complications we may find along the road. You will receive some of the contents before, or during the production, but the final Tutorial Series will come out after the production ends (maybe some specific tutorial can come before, in any case, you'll be updated about this). Dark Forest Product is expected to be ready for January, 2014. If you preorder Luke's Escape Highschool before December, 31st, you'll get it for free before it goes out on sale.

When you preorder this product, you're making sure we have the needed funds to make everything possible. A part of the money will go for the Short Film's funding, the rest is to make sure I can keep blendtuts up and running, producing free tutorials and cool tips... Producing high quality content takes a lot of time, so preordering and purchasing these products will allow me to work full time in the website and create nice content for you! :D Also, you'll get exclusive content, your credit in the production book, and save money, as the final price once it's released will rise to 44,90€!!

NOTES: As the production goes on, this page will be updated, like for example, adding more specific information about the Tutorial Series. If you want further info, feel free to contact me through the website's contact tab!