How to distort images

Hi, guys! :D A few weeks ago, we presented the Luke's Escape trailer, a project I'm working in with people from all over the world. We also released an indiegogo campaign to get funds to make the full short film (for a couple more days you can still preorder my series of tutorials from the short film in the campaign!).

Some of you asked about an effect that showed up at the end of the trailer: it's not difficult to do, but you need to know how to get it... here is a sample tutorial on how to do it!

Watch this video on YouTube

If you liked it or like the project, please, consider supporting us in the indiegogo campaign as soon as possible, it's closing in 3 days!

Luke's Escape indiegogo campaign:
Luke's Escape trailer:
My Luke's Escape presentation:




Hola Oliver, Nunca dejas de sorprenderme pues nunca pensé en usar Blender de esta manera. Una técnica sencilla, y que puede dar mucho juego. Este tipo de tutoriales valen mucho la pena porque te abren la mente a otros usos de Blender. Un saludo.

Gracias por tu comentario, Roberto, me alegro de que te haya ayudado y que el video ayude a abrir la mente hacia un uso creativo de las funciones de Blender! Ese era el objetivo! Un saludo! :D