How to use Freestyle NPR Rendering

How are you? In the latest Blender official version: 2.67, Freestyle NPR Rendering made it into Blender official builds (it was only available in test and experimental builds for a long time before). It works with Blender Internal Render and it allows us to create lines in the place of edges, contours, silouethes, etc.

This helps a lot creating 2D artistic renderings imitating drawings, cartoon effects, cell-shading... even create an image that looks like a blueprint from a 3D model. This last one is what we're gonna do in this tutorial :)

Click here to watch this video on YouTube 

As you can see, Freestyle has to go through mainly 4 steps to be used:

1) Activate Freestyle Render (Thanks, Captain Obvious :D)
2) Create one or more Linesets.
3) Pick each one of the linesets and select which edges they're going to detect and show.
4) Setup the lines appearance: color, thickness, noise, distortion, effects...

I hope you like it! :D