Displacement & UVs Sculpt

Hi, everyone! This time... something more practical to get a cool result :D Alien Spaceship! The technique was shared on the blenderartists.org forums recently, and I couldn't resist giving it a try and create a tutorial on how to use it. Here is the resulting tutorial... what are you waiting for? :D Enjoy!

Watch on YouTube

And that's it! Visit the www.blenderartists.org thread here: Blenderartists Displace and UVs Sculpting thread

Here is the link to the post with the 32bits displacement texture from Michalis used in this tutorial: LINK

In this tutorial you'll learn:
- How to bake and use displacement maps.
- Using UVs to displace the surface.
- Adding materials and lights.
- Get into the compositor to create some mist and lens flare effects :)

See you!




Can you do a tutorial for low poly character creation ? Nice tutorial by the way .

Hi, kloowww :) I have something about that subject in mind, but currently I haven't free time enough to do something that extensive :P


Grande amigo, grande. Sigo empapándome de cada minuto de tus tutoriales...

Gracias, Richisan! :D Me alegro de que te gusten :)

Oliver, I have watched several of your tutorials. They are excellent. You are a great teacher, and fun to listen to and follow along with. Here is my effort, based on your Displacement & UVs Sculpt tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9eWrVhqdo8 Thank you so much for these! Cheers, Matt
Great tutorial: I have been reviewing the thread, but your tutorial is a really great way to come up to speed quickly. Great content and delivery

Thanks, rcgauer! Glad you liked it! :D

Awesome tutorial! Thank you :) Here's my result https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/857244_10151453501156170_137...

Thanks! Nice result, I find it very similar to the tutorial result :D

Hello. This is so useful for so many things. :) I just used this to give surface to my logo. It looks cool now, but I have a problem and do not know how to go about it. I need some tips... ...I want to add emitting lights into my surface, kind of like you did with your "UVs & Textures" tutorial - where you made the eyes and other textured parts of a character ( I think it was your Death Knight ) ...you made them glow ( emitting light ) My problem is that I managed to kind of do this by opening my displacement-texture in Photoshop. Painting over it, where I want light - save only the painted stuff as a new texture. And then made a texture-layer at the texturepanel for my material, lay this new texture on top, and set it up for emitting light. BUT... this way i get light everytime I use that part of the displacement texture. I hope you understand. :) You know the way you showed us getting not repeating patterns when we set up the displacement-texture. I did that and got an amazing looking thing. However, now my UVs are overlapping all over the place. So if I put an texture on top of that, it uses the same UVs - and that way the light is lighting all over. I wonder if there is possible to have 2 materials at the same time for an object? And that they can have different UVs? Because then I can place the lighting where I want on the model. Anyhow, this was my problem. Perhaps you have a much better way for getting some parts of the big spaceship having lights. I would LOVE if you could give me/us some tips on that. I'm making some kind of electronic looking thing with the displacement map. A machine-looking thing, and I would like to have lights in some parts. Like between seams or electric conduits that runs through my model. I also would like that light to be able to light on other surfaces, like an other plane, like a floor or wall. Thanks, for great tutorials. You are a great teacher. :)

Hi, Soulmachine! Actually you can do that without a problem :) In Blender, you can create different UVs for the same object, and when you apply the texture, you can decide which UVs to use with it. Go to the Mesh Tab in the Properties Editor, and there you'll be able to find a panel for UV maps: create a new one, and unwrap again ;)