Dark Forest - Almost Ready!

Dark Forest is coming!

Dark Forest is a new product that will show you how I created the forest scene in the Luke's Escape Highschool Promo Video.

- Modeling, texturing and sculpting Trees.
- Linking Objects & Creating the scenery.
- Adding details like roots, mushrooms, stones...
- Using Particle systems.
- Camera animations fitting the music.
- Glowing titles.
- Compositing.
- And much more!

The schedulled date was January 31st! It's almost done, but I'm taking a little more time to improve some things before the release, so it will be delayed (but it will come really soon, promissed! :D).

See you!


It looks like an amazing tutorial, but I am very young (11 years old). But... I can't wait to see Luke's Escape! The trailer was amazing! :) By the way, thanks for spending a lot of time to make such valuable and high quality tutorials!

Thank you, Hussain! I'm very glad you're finding them useful! :D And it is also great to see a so young person like you trying to learn Blender!! Keep it up!

Thank you so much for the course. You tough guys!

You're welcome and thanks for the comment! :D