Alien Face - Cinematic Timelapse

Hi! The last week, has registered a very high number of visits :) and I wanted to "celebrate" it by making a video with an idea that was in my head since a few months ago.

I love to see timelapses, but in 3d... I thought that recording a timelapse with smooth and "normal" camera movements should be possible, instead of seeing that lightspeed orbiting and panning around camera, that sometimes can result "a bit" crazy! So from time to time I tried out things, and I was thinking about how to achieve that result, and a couple of weeks ago, I saw the light and discovered a way of doing it! :) I like to call this "Cinematic Timelapse", because you can "film" the process with the desired camera movements. I know that I won't use this method on all my timelapses, because it's pretty time consuming... but I wanted at least to try it out with a simple project! The project, the model and all that stuff weren't very important for me, only the "timelapsing" method was... even the "textures" are not textures at all! xD It's just a very quick overpaint of a basic lighting render. Hope you like it! And thanks to all of you for supporting! Overall for that people who have take the time to write very inspirational and motivational emails to me ;) They are very apreciated!

TUTORIAL FOR MAKING CINEMATIC TIMELAPSES RELEASED :) Just click here to go to the tutorial page!


wonderful vdo

Thanks, Tommy ;)

Very Nice Video! Inspiring


HOW DID YOU DO THAT! this is so cool!

Thanks, Gerg :) You can see the tutorial here:

Hope you like it ;)

I'm almost disappointed you spilled the beans on how to do that. While I was watching this I was working out how exactly you pulled that off and before I check that link, I might as well say my guess. I assume you put a camera on a track and set it to orbit for an hour or so, showing and recording it in one monitor while you work in another. Then you composite the result. Still. Very nice.

Hi, Ghoti!! :D The reason of not saying at a first chance how to do it when I published it months ago... was that I wanted to check if it was easy enough to get how I did it... and well, a lot of people didn't know how to do it back then, and only a few people had the experience to tell methods for achieving a similar result. That's why I finally released the tutorial on how to make it.

Thanks for your comment, and I feel you're a pretty advanced 3D user (if not blender) ;)

Take care!

Amazing!! I realy wonder how many years have you been modeling.

I've been painting and drawing all my life, and working with 3d... since about 6 years ago :) Thanks for the comment!


como has conseguido hacer el modelo de esta forma? me refiero a estar haciendo el modelo y tal mientras esta girando??

un abrazo!

Al final del post hay un link que te lleva al tutorial de cómo hacerlo :D Espero que te guste!

ains no lo me habia dado cuenta, es que yo con el ingles no me llevo muy bien jejeje. A ver si saco tiempo para ver el tutorial detenidamente jeje.

gracias y saludos!!

Just plane AWESOME! Do you do all the tutorials on here by yourself?

hola amigo:
aqui jose, overseas.. buen video.buena creatividad...
buen dia

I really like it and the music was great nice work

Thank you!