Texture Painting in Blender!

Hello!! I'm back! :D

As some of you may know, recently my life has changed quite drastically: new job, new city, new projects... also, las weeks from my old life were VERY busy, that's why this last time I've been a little out, and relaxing a bit. BUT!! Here I come again with another tutorial! This time it's all about painting textures into Blender. Blender can do a lot of things apart of modeling and animation. Texturing is one of those things. This feature can have a lot of different uses: Painting textures (yes, you can :D), correcting seams in already painted textures, placing details and using that as a reference for future texture painting in other softwares... or even (this is more advanced, and we won't see it at this particular tutorial) paint masks in real time to let a texture appear behind another one :)

In this tutorial you'll learn how to setup your scene in order to paint textures, use the painting tools, as brushes and cloning... don't miss it! You can create very interesting things using this Blender's feature! :D

See you soon, and Happy Blending!! Glad to be back with you :D

PS: Here are the links from Carles Tenorio, a friend of mine, who created the idea and the base model for the character I used on this tutorial: PORTFOLIO and BLOG (only spanish). Thanks, Carles ;)



Great Tut! Thanks
Creo que eres el mejor explicando cosas de blender xD. Y no sólo porque sean en castellano. En otras webs los tutoriales básicos se vuelven aburridos/repetitivos y cuando no son básicos uno se pierde. Has conseguido un punto intermedio xD Esperando más!

muy bueno \O/

when i return to a saved model that i am half way through painting, both the object and the uv grid is completely black , why is this happening? i cannot find a way to get it back to before i saved the file.
You must save the image (texture) before exiting. Alt + S (uv/image editor) or in the menu. If the image isnt saved, blender shows u Image* <- with the asterisk. This: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9293846/blender/blendtuts1.jpg
where can we enable the mirror paint? My one seem off.

i don't know either how to enable/disable mirror texture paint :|

Very nice. Just won't use it because all main icons are the same... I can't tell which is game and which is friends for example. Still, nice work!

how to disable/ enable MIRRORED texture paint ?

How do you set up the UV Test? Mine doesn't have it. Only new and a bunch of untitled files where I tried to find it and pressed the wrong button.

ustedes hacen los mejores tutoriales de esté magnifico software que es blender que he visto en la red,,,

hola, genial los tutoriales. Tengo un problema con este, cuando cambio del object mode al texture paint mode el mesh sale rosado, no sale el brush en tools y dice missing data y missing materials, que me estoy saltando? que hago mal? gracias!

Hola, november91. Sin más información no puedo decirte gran cosa, pero sí puedo decirte que cuando algo en Blender se ve rosado (magenta) es habitualmente porque necesita una textura. Antes de poder pintar, necesitas crear una textura sobre la que pintar, con lo que quizás, si no la has creado, Blender lo muestre así. Es el color que utiliza Blender para decirte que falta algún archivo ahí :)