2016's Top Blender Developers

Blender Foundation just made a report on the developers that contributed the most to Blender's development during 2016.

Once of the things that I found very interesting about Blender development is that anybody can check who did what, and most times, you can even get to the developers and talk to them. You can report bugs, they'll fix them... it's very natural and developers are like "rockstars" that many Blender users know and love.

This doesn't happen with other software, though (especially with commercial software): you'll see new features, but who made it? No idea, no information, most often.

The fact that Blender development is so transparent to its users is something that we don't value enough many times. But this is golden!

Click on the image to read the full official report.

Click on the image to read the full official report.

The fact that the Blender Foundation reports about development publicly in a weekly basis and puts new Blender versions with fixes and new features daily (check out the "bleeding edge" at the Downloads page on www.blender.org) is a huge thing, both for users and for development.

From here, thanks to all developers and the Blender Foundation for organizing this enormous task that is Blender's development. If you want to keep things improving, make sure to collaborate with monthly donations and subscribing to the Blender Cloud; the money is spent wisely (and transparently) in hiring more people to keep momentum going and developing new features faster.

See you soon!