Merry Christmas and Happy 2017

From blendtuts, I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate) and a happy new year 2017 full of happiness and Blender (of course!).

And here is a bit more of information about last year, and the year to come from blendtuts, because it's going to be loaded with stuff! :D

I know it looks like I haven't been doing a lot, and that's because this year I was quite involved in different projects in Spain and in Spanish. The new blendtuts website (the third version so far) was launched in January 2016 and I was teaching Cycles for a Spanish online school (another Spanish Cycles course will start in January 2017 for Pixelodeon 3D School).

In March I started my HUGE hard-surface modeling course, which now has over 60 students, more than 150 tutorials and we've made about a hundred videoconferences so far solving doubts and modeling in real time. This has been my biggest project to date, and I'll be launching it sometime in 2017 in English, so stay tuned! The reason why I did it in Spanish is that a group of students joined together, they were interested in learning about modeling and asked me to do it. It started as a private project, then I announced it to some of my Spanish followers, and little by little it kept improving and growing. More news soon!

All this new adventure led me to create the Spanish version of blendtuts:, which was the main sponsor for Blendiberia 2016, the most important yearly Blender event in Spain, which I organized myself. We had a few of physical talks, which were celebrated door to door with Mundos Digitales, and dozens of online videoconferences with professional Blender users (they will be edited and published online for free soon).

In late 2016, I've been working on the second edition of Learning Blender, which is already very advanced and will be published in Q2 of 2017. I'll let you know when it's available, worry not :)

Between all of these, I did some particular classes for students and works for clients... and also, something that you'll know more about shortly: a members area!

That's it for now! Subscribe to my email list and keep your eyes peeled to know more about the members area, the new book, and the hard-surface modeling course! I'm so excited about 2017! ;D

Have a great Christmas and an amazing 2017,
Oliver Villar