Animation Nodes

What? Animation Nodes? Yup! If you're into motion graphics, you can't miss out on this one (plus, it's free!); believe me, this is the good stuff. Before we start, check this video out: it's a demo of some effects that artists around the world have created with this great addon:

To be honest with you, even though I've been following the development of this addon for a long while, I still haven't gotten my hands into it, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the hell out of it soon!

The addon provides another node editor next to the shaders and compositing ones, where you can control how objects move using a set of new nodes; you can even make animations react to other objects and it makes it super easy to create those recursive and repetitive animations with offset that we see very often in motion graphics. Click the button below to check the addon's manual and a list of some videotutorials you can refer to.

Animate the world!