"Alike" short film has been released

More than a year ago, I was lucky to be present during a private pass of "Alike" short film during Blendiberia 2015, and boy, I knew this one was gonna get far! And now it's just been released online :)

The animation was great, style was impecable, and the story nearly made me cry (ok, I'd probably have cried if I wasn't in a room full of grownups).

Daniel Martínez Lara has been an inspiration for me ever since I got started with 3D, reading his interviews in 3DWorld maganize, and reverse-engineering his sample files for 3ds Max back in the day. It's a pleasure now that someone like him is creating such great artworks with Blender.

Now this short film is being highly awarded, and even made it to the Oscars 2017: exciting!

Congratulations to Daniel, Rafa, and the entire Alike team :)