Blender 2.8 Viewport

A while ago I wrote about the PBR viewport work of Clément Foucault, which was impressive (watch article). It was clear that it would still be a while until this came to the official version of Blender, but it's been recently revealed that there are plans on integrating it for 2.8. Still a while while, maybe we'll see it during next year, but the plans for the 2.8 viewport are BIG :) There have been several news on this regard, and here I'm compiling them for you.


This is a big deal; people behind a project are always key to make the project succeed, and the news for the viewport development have been great: three developers will be hired by the Blender Foundation to work on the project full time: Dalai Felinto, Clement Foucault and Mike Erwin. Sergey Sharibin will also work on the project, but not full time, as he's also involved in other Blender development projects. It's also worth noting that some of these developers are sponsored by Tangent Animation Studios and even AMD!

Ton and developers at the Blender Institute (Amsterdam)

Ton and developers at the Blender Institute (Amsterdam)


The scope of the goals for the new viewport is very wide. A lot of areas will be improved, here's a little summary:

  • Better drawing and interactivity
  • Improved Performance for complex objects
  • Realtime PBR support
  • More efficient implementation of external Render Engines
  • And much more!

It's still some time to wait for this, but it looks exceptionally promissing. If you want to learn more about the plans on the viewport development, I invite you to visit the Blender developer meeting notes from October 2nd and the Blender Code page where they describe more in details what are the plans, the objectives, and how to go for them.

It's encouraging to see that they're planning things this way, to aim for efficiency and to build something that we'll use for years to come after 2.8.

Looking forward to it, and I bet you are too! :D Remember that you can help make this happen by signing up for the Blender Development Fund, so they can hire more people to make Blender better!