Blender 2.78b is available!

I'm a bit late for this announcement, but I decided to do it just in case you missed it: Blender 2.78b has been released and you can download it at

This is more of a fix release (but still worth it!)

That's right! 2.78b is just an "extra" release between 2.78a and 2.79, so no super amazing new features, but a few fixes have been included... and... optimizations!! Yes! Remember that one we talked about recently? The one in which Cycles speed was super improved, especially for complex renders? If you don't know what I'm talking about, read THIS, because it has been added into 2.78b :)

If you don't know what was new in Blender 2.78, check THIS out. For more info about those optimizations, go HERE, and if you want to download Blender 2.78b already, you can do it HERE.

Thanks to the developers for their amazing work!