After Earth's Organic Map

Hi, everyone! How are you? Did you see After Earth movie already? Coul be improved... but the effects were pretty nice, though :) One of them was interesting to me, it consisted in a map made of little metalic pieces that move up and down to adapt to the surface it needs to show. I made some tests, and here is the result! By the way, there is the landscape modifier to create landscapes, I actually never used it before so didn't use it in this tutorial :P

Watch this video on YouTube

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create simple mountains in two different ways, what the shrinkwrapp modifier is for, and what is the function of Dupliverts :) With this combination we'll end up with a map effect working as in the movie! Hope you like it, and see you in the next tutorial! :D




I can't access the tutorials.

Hmm... shouldn't happen, they're not restricted, they're hosted on Vimeo and YouTube. Can you explain to me the exact problem you're experiencing?