Real Video + 3D (Complete Series)

Helloo, folks! :) In the latest weeks I've been releasing a few tutorials about 3D and Real footage integration stuff. I thought it would be good to have them added here in a compilation so you can follow them from start to finish!

1. The first step is to convert your video footage into an image sequence, check the video to know why and how to do it with Blender (Link to original tutorial).

2. Second video talks (a lot xD) about Camera Tracking and shows you how to track the camera motion of your real footage to emulate it in 3D (Link to original tutorial).

3. Third video is the end of the world, where you take the compositor and integrate 3D stuff over your video (using Cycles) (Link to original tutorial).

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on YouTube

You can use the videos you want to track, of course, but in case you want to use the same one as me, here you have links to it.

RAW FOOTAGE (Under the video, look for the Download Link) - This is the unedited footage, straight from the camera.
FINAL RAW FOOTAGE (Under the video, look for the Download Link) - This is the edited footage, already 720p video.

I hope you enjoy this series, guys!! See you!




Muchas gracias por los tutoriales Oliver. La verdad es que son todos muy buenos.

Gracias, Roberto! :D

Thanks for the great tutorials! I learned a lot. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your comment, Joker74! :D

Hey Oliver I jumped in to the world of blender a couple of months ago and I am complete newbie to 3D modelling. I have watched a number of your tutorials on your website all the begginers and making my way through the intermediate tutorials :) I really liked these tuts on how to put a 3D object in to video but at the end of the tutorial in the last video you just render a image not the entire video !! could you tell how to render the entire video ? and one more thing that what is it you do at the end of the last video just before rendering you call them nodes (I am talking about the small boxes which you connect to one another) I guess could you tell me the tutorial where you explain the basics about nodes because without them I am unable to render at all :(

Hi, david! Sorry for the delay! To render the animation and not only a single frame, you just need to press Ctrl+F12 instead of just F12 (or click on Render Animation). About the nodes... it's called compositing, and I don't have a specific tutorial about them :S