Basic Sculpting in Blender 2.5

Hi again! It's time for sculpting!! Blender has a quite nice sculpting system, very easy to use, and very powerful. On this tutorial, we'll take a tour over the basic tools, and how to use the Sculpt Mode. Then, at the end of the video, I've put a quick timelapse, showing the main workflow for sculpting in blender a simple character's face. In future tutorials we'll make some retopo work with it :D

Maybe, if you're are used to Zbrush or Mudbox, you will nottice that you cannot work with so many polygons... but it works pretty good, and you can achieve awesome results with it. Also, having this sculpting tools integrated in Blender, allows us to use sculpting tools for defining shapes on organic models in a very fast way :) In a few days I'll upload the subtitles, because I'm at home on hollidays, and I have a very slow internet connection. PLUS! I'll open the new Blendtuts web, completely redesigned!! Cool! :D Stay tuned ;) See you!!




Thanks, locuto ;)

Great tutorial, thanks a lot! ;)


wow, realy impressive and helpful! im about to sculpt some details to my new shark model and this is the right information for my right now. thank you!

Great!! :D I'd like to see that shark eating people!! (virtually xD)

Chaval, me dejas flipando... Espero que algun día pueda hacer algo parecido... estoy en ello! Un Saludo. Kid, let me freaking out ... I hope someday I can do something similar ... I'm on it! A greeting. See you later...

Gracias! Me alegro de que te guste jejej Puedes hablar perfectamente en español, no hace falta que pongas "multilanguage" en tus comentarios xD

Nos vemos! ;)

thanks for tutor! Its great! Please add the subtitle
You are inspiring! inspired me for my major design project for school! :)

I love to hear that, Neil!! Good luck with your project! :D

Hello, first, I want to thank you for what you are doing. This page actually made me to go and try to do some modeling myself. I do not have any talent for art, but I will have to take a 3D graphics class at college and (aside from math), there will be compulsory modelling assignments as homework, so I need to get ready for that. so here is my sculptured face: . The lighting is not good, but I discovered that it looks better when there is lots of shade and the picture is dark ;-)

Hi there, Jirka. You have a lot to learn, but it's a very good start!! My first steps on 3D were way worse hahaha :) You probably need some more work in a few areas, like the eyelids. Mouth is quite good, but overall, the face needs a bit of smoothing, so you don't have that kind of "little mountains" over there :)

Anyway, I'd recommend you to retopo that sculpt so you get the right topology, and you'll get an interesting model :) (I just published a tutorial about retopo today :D)

Good job, and keep working!! Enjoy Blender and your classes ;)

I tried to make some looping camera movement and launch it on second monitor, so i could watch the hole model at anytime and work with model parts on main monitor. This tutorial helped a lot! Just one question - is there any way how i can disable or control the acceleration of playback and/or loop it only/ I mean when camera start moving it accelerates and to the end it slows down and than stops. And would be nice, that i got video about 300 frames. First 150 is just rotation around hole object and other around specific part. And show only first part (or only the second part) looping around?
Thanks for the tutorials! I love your accent and unintended humor!
This is a really nice tutorial. I am trying to learn Blender as another tool to use with Second Life model making. It is nice to see someone covering the basic layout for us Blender noobs. =)
To turn the perspective view with the graphic tablet take the pen Press: Shift+Alt and clic, i hope it work for everybody... thanks for that realy good intro to the sculpting in Blender
It's awesome! This is it I was looking for :) Thank You so much :) Greetings!!!
Thanks alot Oliver! I've seen all your videos before these video and they all where very usefull. I haven't any experiences in 3D-Design unless some 3D-coding experiences. Your tutorials help a lot! After I've seen this tutorial i tried to sculp my first head and I was ready with them in just 2 1/2 hours after your tutorial. Well, it's not such a great one like yours but it was my first one. :-) I'm happy to see the next tutorial about retopo. Keep on working and make more such great tutorials. I'll going to buy your Holoprojector DVD to support your work. I would be glad if you create more of this DVD's! :-) Best regards from Germany, Daniel


Thank you, Oliver. You are one of my gurus, especially in using blender. Great thanks. Regards, Arlis
Love it! Had no idea blender had such great sculpting tools! I find it much more fun than box modeling

Wow, that is just aw... wait for it... esome

awesome :) all ur tuts r super helpful thx alot my friend
hi and help i cant do this when i try to draw my brush stucks and doesnt create the lines please help me

watching you sculpt that face left me with my mouth wide open in amazement, like.... whhhaaaattttttttttttt.....

unbelieveable stuff.

You, my friend, are amazing. Thanks for your sculpting tutorial in blender 2.5 as well. I started blender back when they just released blender 2.5, and nobody had any idea how the new interface worked. Now, they have people like you, who can help people like me out with almost Z-Brush style modeling.

However, I do have a question.

Would it be at all possible to simplify this sculpt? as well, to save detail, could the surface detail be converted into a normal map, to accompany the low-poly model, such as they do so in Z-Brush?

If this cannot be done, is it possible to UV-Unwrap this model with all of it's surface texture, so that we can use Photoshop or GIMP to build the normal map?

Once again, sir, thanks for the video!