Materials, Lights & Rendering Part 2

Hello! Well, it was about time of me releasing the second part of this tutorial :) On this one, we'll see how to add lighting to the scene and make a render.

What you'll learn:
- Add and tweak basic lights parameters.
- Setting up and lauch a render.
- Basic use of environment lighting and Ambient occlusion.

See you!! :)



thank you for vdo but how can i use more than one camera if i have 3 camera at different location and when i want to use one of camera to follow my object when i move my object please tell my how to do

You need to change the active camera, you can do it on the scene panel, or selecting the camera and pressing Ctrl+0 on the numpad. For making your camera follow an object you have to add a constrain to your camera ;)

thank you for answer and may i ask you for new one that can you make the tutorial for how to get the audio sound in blender i dont know how to do it i want my animation have sound too etc . animation with song or soundtrack please make the tutorial if you have time / thank you

I'll do it in the future! Thanks :D

hi now i have problem with blender 2.57.1 in mode video editing when i add movie and sound but sound it ok my problem is that can't see a preview of any movie or imaeg that I import. The sound plays ok but in the preview window I only see a black and white box in center . how can i fix it please if you know how to fix this

hmmm I don't know what happens, but maybe it's because you're not using a correct video format. Or maybe loading an image sequence :)

Greets Oliver. I just wanted to say thanks for these excellent tutorials! I've been using 3D software for years but Blender has quite a learning curve! However, your tutorials have made it an easy ride! You should be proud man, you're only one person but you're helping so many other folks to achieve amazing things! Just pre-ordered the Hologram tutorial to show some support too! Keep being awesome dude!

Thanks a lot for your words, X43N0Wolf :) Hearing that is what keeps me working on this project (blendtuts) :D I'm very happy to know that it actually helps someone :D Thanks!!!

Very good turorial, but I think I missed the part where you explained how to get into camera perspective, I tried al sorts of stuff like all keys on numpad pannel, and searching in the camera properties etc. but I couldn't find how to do it...
Hmm, I thought I tried the 0 key, but now it did work... thanks anyway, good tutorials...

Sorry for taking so long to respond! Glad you found it :) I didn't explain it here because it was already explained in previous tutorials :D Thanks for your comments, Mac-Doggie!

great tutorials..but i seem to missing something. i follow your tutorial using the monkey mesh but you have shadows cast on the floor and the monkey but i only have the shadow cast on the monkey?, what am i doing wrong?

I think you probably forgot to activate shadows on the light :) Hope it helps!

i found out what i was missing. i did not add a plane so there was no ground surface for shadows to be cast on! keep up the good work and with the tutorials, Blender is awesome :)
can you point me to any tutorials on creating a rolling ball with an image on it ? like a pool ball with the number on it ?
Thank you again Oliver! Really great tutorials...I'm sure u'r helping a lot of people to understand and tweak blender! Happy Blending to you too!
thank you so much for the great tutorials! I just finished watching the tutorials for beginners and they are really cool! Now I will proceed with intermediate lessons :)
These tutorials have been so helpful to me for learning blender. thanks for doing them! I just have one question. I know that you press "0" to go into the camewra view, put how do you pan and rotate like that?
press " Shift & F " to pan the camera form left to right or up & down, make sure you have the camera selected before trying to pan
AMAZING tutorials! thanks so much for making them! A few quick questions though. 1. How to you align the object to view? I did that in user preferences and saved it, but when i created the hemi light, it didn't align to my view! 2. How do you make the object round and not blocky like mine is? I've tried all kinds of different options but can't figure it out. 3. How do I make it stay in camera Pespective when I am trying to rotate/pan in camera perspective? Thanks!

Hi, Runeguy :)

1. User preferences must be saved with Ctrl+U ;) Anyway... maybe the hemi light is always aligned to top view... but it's quite strange, everything you create might be aligned to view if you have that option selected :S
2. In the toolbar (T Key in the 3dView) at the left side, look for the Smooth and Flat buttons, select the object and press smooth ;)
3. At the right panel (Properties, N Key in the 3dView) there is an option in the latest versions (I don't remember it's name) that let you attach the camera to the view, so you can orbit and all that with the camera :)

Hope it helps! ;)

Great video, very helpful! One thing, you mentioned the Blender trunk and render branch in the video. Newbies are not going to have a clue as to what that means, and it might take them a while to search the web to find out. You might have mentioned it in another tutorial but people like to jump around sometimes so would not have seen it (like me, for example.) Experienced software developers would understand it but since this is a beginner tutorial I would have explained what that meant right in the video. Anyways, thank you for your hard work!

great video really interesting and very cool, i do have one question i activated the ray shadow and adjusted the sample to 10 but when i render shadow is still not appearing all i get is the black part where the light does not touch the mesh, but there is no shadow still, i also tried deleting the initial lamp and camera and replacing it new still no shadow is appearing when i render the image i'm using blender 2.61 i hope you could help me with this, thanks and all in all the tutorial is really great, hope to hear from you soon.. :D

P.S i already figured it out i had to add a plane or any other mesh so that the shadow will have a body or object it can apply upon to... thanks anyways and great tutorial.. :D