Modelling Objects

Hi! A few weeks have passed since the last tutorial, I've been very busy... but here it is!

In this tutorial you'll learn how to model a few simple objects, so you can understand the workflow while modelling in blender. 
I hope you enjoy it! 

Happy blending!



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Sorry? xD I don't understand the point of your question...

Hello, Been watching your tutorials and I have to say they are very well constructed. I've met teachers with worse lesson planning, lol. I do have one question though, when you extruded(mainly during the beginning stages of the cup, you would scale by right clicking somehow, is that in the default input settings or is that a custom for you? Also, you speak great English for it not being your first language, I've had two full years of German and can barely string simple sentences, I believe the words you were looking for were "bottom" at 34:05 and "frying pan" at 38:00. Anyways I've haven't had the slightest trouble understanding you yet, and I love your tutorials so thanks ^_^ - - Kody

Thanks a lot for your comment and efforts, Kody :D Glad to hear that you find my work useful, and thanks for the help, those are the words I was looking for haha ;)

See you!!

Great tutorials. Have been very helpful for me to switch from 3dsmax to blender. 2nd day and I'am already modelling. Hope the quality in forthcoming tuts are as good as the first three tutorials I've watched! Hopefully the matcap tutorials cover baking normals/ao and other usefull stuff like that! Haven't had time to check them out yet :) By the way, are you covering animating in Blender any time soon? Or do you know know good tutorials covering those areas? Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Spuges ;) I hope you like the rest of the tutoriales you'll find at the web! Baking, rig, animation tutorials... will be coming on the future, cause I want to cover all the different parts of blender, at least in a very basic way :D

See you! ;)

this is a very important tutorial - thanks for your presentations

Thanks for your comment, pikar ;)

best help
Excelent ! I have started with Blender.... I need it ! Thanx for your TUTs !
Hi Oliver! First of all I have to say that your tutorials are amazing. Great work! Second, I do have a problem when I try to select any vertex/edge/face. It always select a random one, not that I´ve try to select. When I change the mode to select all (not only visibles) it works fine. I´m using Blender 2.57 with a Wacom Bamboo, but the same problem occurs with the mouse. There is an option to correct that or it is a bug? Thanks very very much!
Hi Again Oliver! Problem solved. It was caused by the configuration of the video card. Enabling the "Use aplication settings" to the "Anti-aliasing" and "Anysotropic filtering" settings, at the Catalyst Control Panel (ATI video card), it has been solved. Thanks for your help and very good tutorials!

Hi Oliver, How is it that when I use my scroll wheel to zoom in it goes slower and slower, and sometimes I can't zoom anymore... I've been struggling with that... I now found out that when it happens and I press shift-c everything centers again at a different zoom level and than zooming works fine again, with greater steps... But I still don't understand Why this happens... By the way, I have to say I love your tutorials, they are very good and detailed. I watched them up to this one and I already build my own Boeing 737-800 LOL (Yeah I've been watching air crash investigation a lot lately) no textures yet But I guess that will come in one of the next tutorials...

Hi there, mac-doggie. That is caused because you zoom a lot in, and when you are very close to an object, zoom gets very little. What I recommend you to do when that happens is just press "." on the numpad, it will readjust the view to the selected object/vertex/face/whatever :) (and will reset the zooming)

Glad you like the tutorials! See you!

Awesome tutorials, Oliver! But what do you mean press the "set" button? I am lost... anyway, thank you for the great tutorials!

Sorry, nate!! It's probably my bad pronunciation xD I mean the "Z" button ;)

Gracias por los tutoriales! Son súper útiles para quienes estamos empezando en esto :P Happy Blending!

Gracias, Drizak! Me alegra que te gusten ;)

Oliver Villar : I am beginning to make the transition from Rhino3D to Blender3D. I have been reviewing a number of Blender online training manual and videos. Your BlendTuts videos are the best training materials for Blender I have found so far. I am amazed by the quality of the videos, your breadth of knowledge of Blender, and the ease with which you narrate the steps you are demonstrating. I tried a year ago to begin learning Blender 2.49 but gave up after a month. Now that Blender has evolved into a more Windows-like interface with version 2.5, I am hoping to be able to keep going. Watching most of your videos has given me the confidence to persevere In learning Blender. Thanks for putting so much effort into BlendTuts! Sincerely, David C. Mueller

Hi, Thanks so much for an awesome site and tutorials :) This has been my first stop as a beginner and I really appreciate all the effort you have put in to help beginners learn blender, - can't wait to work through all the tuts! :) thanks !!!!!

Hey man... i was watching this tutorial after seeing the previous videos you posted and i was still a bit confused on the specific hotkeys you used. Forgive me for asking so much of you but, if you could make a short list of the specific hot keys you used in this video in comparison to a desktop computer and a laptop computer (with no Numpad) that would be greatly appreciated.
Wouldn't all the subdivisions give the objects crazy poly count?
Thank you very much for all of your tutorials, Oliver. I found them very helping. This one especially helped me alot. Thanks again, Milan
Hi, after re re re re watching your tutorial,when i use the loop cut to make a fried pan, its just cut the inner or outer face of the mesh, not the both side like in your video in the time code 38; i wish know how u did to make the loop cut be able to "cut" the both face of your mesh.....i still dont get it, sorry.
Muy bueno!!
Hi Oliver! I just started modeling with blender and am very amazed not only by your very helpful tutorial but also by your modeling skills, since that's what makes the tutorial so special. You show how fast and effectively one can use the basic tools to create very detailed and complex objects. It's really instructive, but besides it's inspiring, too! So thank you very much!

Would be awesome to see more tutorials like this...

Learn soo much easier by actually making things.

My egg.

Mr Oliver your a legend.

I hope I'm not too late to ask questions! I'm not an English speaker as well so I have a hard time to understand some parts.

At 1:15 you say "I'm going to to show you a quick tip", then "you have to select the center vertex." and now this is the part that confuse me "press control and then __________________". In order words, how did you do to select all the faces around the vertex.

at 1:35, I don't understand how you did this part either. It seems you used something related to 'extrude' by scaling? If I try to scale it won't create other inner sections like you did. You also explained this technique in the Edit Objects Tutorial but I was confused as well. I would really like to understand this technique.

You made wonderful tutorials, best ones I've watched! Keep going!

Question 1:
Ctrl+ NumPad + (+ key in the numeric pad) - You can also do it from the header Select Menu --> More / Less options ;)

Question 2:
I just extruded, exit from the extrusion action (ESC) and pressed S to scale down that faces.

Hope this helps! Thanks for the comment!

Yes it truly helped!! Tricky techniques to learn, but they are very useful.

Besides, is it only me or the perspective on the 3D window is a bit weird (stretched/distorted when the object isn't centered)? I sometime have difficulty to represent the direction or perspective of the shapes mentality when I'm seeing them in the 3D window. In 3Dmax I didn't have this impression hehe

Yes, that happens because by default, 3D camera is using a lot of perspective. A lot of times, one of the first things that I do is to change it from 35.00 to something more like 90.00 :)

You can find that settings in the 3DView properties panel (N key into the 3DView), inside the view tab/ lens.


Thanks a lot, that's a lot better!


See this screenshot:
I tried the Edge Loop after choosing one of the edges, but it seems the loop doesn't select all the edges around this part of the object.

I watched the video preview for the hologram project, I'll definitely purchase it when I have funds in my paypal account. That's amazing what Blender can achieve, and you're very talented. Do you work for some kind of movie or video game companies?

Hi Oliver, Amazing collection of tutorial ! They are really good. Question : I try to follow this tutorial but are facing troubles already in the beginning...When I create a cylinder a enter into edit mode, my model is not shown with triangulares as yours ? Is there something that I am missing when creating models ?

Thanks, edmg! :D

When you create a cylinder, in the left toolbar (or pressing f6) you'll see that one of the options is about how to fill the top and bottom of it. Pick triangle fan, and you'll have it ;)

Thank for the tutorials. Helps me very out. I have a question. While making the cup I tried the proportional editing. But when I box select a loop and I try to scale the proportion only the vertecies selected are scaled. The vertecies around are not effected. When I just move the vertecis around the proportional editing works fine but not when I scale dem. Any idea?

To be honest, I don't understand... if it works when moving, it should work when scaling as well!

Hi there. Thank you for the reply. I did some research because this problem made me crazy. I think it is a bug in blender ore something. When you set the pivot point to Individual Origins the scaling and rotating in proportional editing will turn it self off. I set the pivot point to Median Point and the proportional scaling worked. :)
Hi there. Thank you for the reply. I did some research because this problem made me crazy. I think it is a bug in blender ore something. When you set the pivot point to Individual Origins the scaling and rotating in proportional editing will turn it self off. I set the pivot point to Median Point and the proportional scaling worked. :)
Hi oliver, i tried to create a cup like you did, but i have a problem: when i create a cylinder at the beginning the top part isn't made into slices like yours, it's just one face and i dont know how to subdivide it since knife doesn't want to work. Help pls?

Hi, tiootorture. You have to set, as I did, the type of fill the top and bottom faces for the cylinder. As you create the cylinder, before doing anything else, look to the Operator panel (or press F6), and change the fill type to have different divisions in the top & bottom faces :)

Good luck!