How to edit objects (modelling)

Hi!! Some weeks ago, we talked about creating and transforming objects. Now is time to the edit mode and the basic modelling tools! :D

In this tutorial, we'll cover the basic edit mode (modelling): - What is the edit mode? - Enter and exit the edit mode. - Selecting subobjects (vertices, edges and faces) - Basic Modelling tools Hope you enjoy it! In the next tutorial we'll use this technique for modelling some common objects :) See you!



hi, can you tell me what shortcut you press at (01:34) to select faces??..

You can use the buttons on the header of the 3dview, like I do at 1:34, or you can just press Ctrl+Tab to switch between vertex, edges and faces ;)

actually my question above is for the next video(Modelling Objects)..i post the question in the wrong video... Anyways, i'm glad you understand what im asking :)
wow thank you i learn from your tutorial it useful for me i am beginer of 3d blender and i like so much it help me a lot i can fix some problem when i looking for shortcut i will follow your tutorial forever it my wonderful web thank you

Thanks for your efforts, Tommy! :D

hi when i press in edit mode follow your vdo i press shift+ k but it not work i try to cut face a can use loop cut but when i try to choose K it not anything show submanu i can not see knife what can i do same you do it i use blender 2.57 v thank you

You need to keep K or Shift+K pressed while you click and drag ;)

Sir, from the look of you video, i can see that you just took only one click at most to highlight the correct vertex or edge... how come in my blender, when i want to highlight a certain vertex or edge, another vertex is highlighted(not the vertex that i want) although i'm extremely sure that i precisely clicked on top of the vertex that i want(sometimes, i need to repeat this process 10 times just to get the right vertex)... so Sir, can you tell me the way you do it or do i need to change something in preferences to make it right??.. by the way, i'm using blender 2.57b..

Well... I'm sorry, but that must be a bug with your computer :S It should work as expected. Anyway, there are two types of highlighting, the active highlight, and what your're selecting highlight. If you can move things around when you are selecting, then it's working ok... but I don't know what happens :S Good luck! (You can try to download a recent version from, maybe that issue has been solved already)

I hope this helps: put your mouse over the vertex and right click, I myself was lost with that part. (I played around with it and figured that out lol)
hi now i can fix my problem with my shortcut when i want to use loop cut i click bottom on my keyboard hit K and use leftmouse too and it work well so thank you for all you answer
Thank you so much for all of these amizingly good tuts, they have helpt me alot!
Thanks, this helped!!! I hope this is not the last tutorial posted!!! =)
Love your site! Exellent tutorials. Such a great resource for learning Blender. Keep it up.
After you extrude the first object how did you edit the face size of the extrusion? love the tutorials EXTREMELY helpful!
haha, instant Stargate at 24:50 Thanks for this Tutorial. It's great and covered all my question regarding basic modelling ... great work!
Great tutorial, this was my 4th... I'm finally starting to get the hang of navigating around. Thank you for all your efforts with these videos.
Hi, I'm trying to create Sims2 items to place in the game but it will not import from my download file. Can it be done? Is there a forum for this topic.

I'm sure it can be done... but I don't know about formats or anything for the Sims2 :S

Wonderful tutorial♥ I've been on other sites and this is the best of them all. Thank you for sharing☺

Hola, excelente tutorial, explicas todo muy bien y bastante detallado, sin embargo tengo una duda, en la parte en la que se hace "Loop and Cut" la herramienta solo identifica un eje y no toda la linea como aparece en el video, y cuando le doy click derecho no divide en cuadros si no que lo hace en triangulos, que podra ser ? de antemano gracias y sigue asi, tus tutoriales son geniales !!

I am learning the very basics of Blender right now and I am using your tuts because, honestly, they are excellently paced for a noob like me. Many thanks! 2 problems for me though on this tutorial ... 1. @12:35 - you mention Loop Cut. When I press CTRL R for the function, I only get a line between 2 edges and not a full line between all edges. So when you pressed to cut, yours went the whole length through the 5 long faces. When I press to cut, mine only cuts through 1 long face because I cannot get it longer. What have I missed? 2. @20:15 - you mention Edge Slide. I am able to get the edge to slide between the other edges, but the surrounding edges are unaffected. Only the actual edge I am sliding, moves. I notice at this stage while I was trying to work out what was different between your blender UI and mine, that you have an extra icon at the bottom that is 3 dots and and an arrow that has both left and right points. Is this why my edge moves alone?
I just had to take a moment to appreciate the incredible work you've done making these videos. Thank you so much!
when i press shift-E for extrude individual it will not extrude it just makes the edges of the faces pink or brighter orange and the same for individual origins and trying to scale

Greetings! Around 23:00, you show how to average out two vertices to a flat position; I can't get that to work. After locking the scale to the Z axis, and hitting 0, they're still not even. Any input?


Hmmm... are you using 0 from the numpad? That probably doesn't work, you need to press the number keys in the normal keyboard. Otherwise... I don't know what can be the problem :S

Hello Oliver, Thank you so much for these wonderful tutorials. I'm afraid I'm stuck at 15:14, where you select the 4 faces and by scaling them down are able to create the four smaller faces. When I try to do it, the four faces I select become distorted and this is what I get:


This happens even though in the Pivot point I select Median Point too. Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? I've had no other issue up to this point, and I was able to follow the lesson quite easily. Thank you again.

Hi, Danni! :D

I don't scale them only. I extrude with E, right click so the extruded faces stay in position, and then I press S to scale them down :)

Even this is fast and easy, in newer versions there is a new option called Inset Faces which does almost the same!

Good luck, and thanks for your comment! :D

Hi how do you get your face to move when you press shift e? When I press shift e I just get this pink outline around the edges and it wont move at all :(

Hi!! This shortcut changed since I recorded this tutorial. Now Shift+E is for controlling the crease in the edges, instead of individual extrusions. Now, to do that you need to set up a new shortcut in the user preferences, otherwise, keep using only E to extrude :)

Ok thank you!

Hi, thank you for the tutorial. Could you explain the operation that starts at 14:53 ie extrusion by right button, I could not wort it out or maybe I'm missing something. Thank you. The key option also is not working. Thanks a lot! Blender ver. 2.65

Hi, Wiktor :)

It's not an extrusion with the right button. It's just a normal extrusion with "E", that is cancelled with the right button, so the faces stay in their original place :)

Hello , I would like to say I am amazed how much you can do in blender, also you are very great at it. Lots of info, I got overwhelmed with all the short cuts and such, I may watch this 10x more to comprehend it all, going over it will help burn it in my software. Anyway great video , and keep up the great work. Mike